NOTE: We are experiencing some problems with our PDF forms. Some may still allow you to complete them and print and mail, but probably not email using a provided button. Worst case, you may need to print and complete manually. Hopefully we will get more user-friendly forms posted soon!

Most forms are PDFs that can be either completed online or printed and completed manually. CWC requires some forms to printed and mailed, so check the requirements carefully. Some of the forms download slowly, so please be patient. You MUST use Adobe Reader to complete a form online, which can be downloaded below. Some browsers require disabling a certain plugin, so if you are seeing only a blank screen after selecting a form, please contact the CWC Webmaster for instructions. Mac users should follow the instructions in the next section below because Adobe Reader is not the default program set by that manufacturer to open PDFs.





Mac products have a built-in reader to open ordinary PDFs. You should be able to complete Word forms with formatted input fields without problems. However, several of the CWC PDF forms on this website may cause problems with the built-in PDF reader that come on your Mac. If you use a Mac, there are a few steps necessary to open these forms if you have not set up Adobe Reader as the default to open PDF documents. This will NOT affect the performance of your Mac otherwise. The following steps show you how to install the actual Adobe software to read the forms and bypass the default PDF reader that came with your Mac. Unfortunately, PDF forms do NOT work on an iPad.

Printable Version

  1. Use Safari to access the internet (NOT Internet Explorer or some other browser).
  2. Click on the Get ADOBE READER box at the left to go to the Adobe website where you can get the most recent version of the software.
  3. At the Adobe page, click on the Download now button. After the download completes, open the downloaded *.dmg file with a right click or double click.
  4. A window opens that shows you the Adobe Reader installer in either a *.pkg or *.exe file. Double click that, then enter your Mac system password to proceed.
  5. After the new software has been installed, click on the form you wish from the above list (or elsewhere on CWC's website). Try to open it, but if unsuccessful, select Save to save the PDF to your downloads.
  6. Using the Mac Finder, locate the file and right click on it. Select Open with and choose the Adobe Reader you just installed. You can also make this the default application to open PDFs.
  7. The PDF form that opens should show a purple bar at the top with the fields highlighted in blue, outlined in red. You should be able to type in the fields, then save the completed form locally. You may SUBMIT the form electronically, but many forms (like grants and scholarships) require a printed form to be mailed.