Fund sources

Colleyville Woman's Club conducts special events to raise charitable funds. It also accepts donations from its members and others which are generally deductible for federal income tax purposes by individuals as charitable donations because of its qualification as a 501(c)(3) organization. Area businesses see CWC activities as a great way to market their products and services, so they support the events with donated items and services and cash sponsorships. Since CWC is an all-volunteer organization, no overhead is deducted from the events' net revenues -- only the actual costs of staging the events. Member dues generally cover the costs of managing the Club itself.

At fundraising events, the tax deductible portion of amounts paid by attendees and supporters is limited to the excess, if any, of the value of items received. CWC specifies the value of meals in printed materials. The amount paid for any purchased items, such as in auctions, is deemed to be equal to their value.


Each year CWC solicits member input for prioritizing grant funding categories. Members may submit their priority choices among these categories:

  • Civic
  • Cultural Arts
  • Domestic Violence / Violence
  • Education / Literacy
  • Health (Mental / Physical) & Safety
  • Welfare / Social Services

Members are also asked to prioritize the geographic coverage preferences as follows:

  • Colleyville
  • Northeast Tarrant County
  • Tarrant County
  • DFW Metroplex
  • Texas
  • USA
  • Global Interests

Survey results are tallied and the Allocation & Grants Committee attempts to present recommendations that best satisfy members' communicated priorities.

the process

Each year, an Allocation & Grants committee is formed from members willing to commit at least two days to frank discussions and analyses of submitted grant applications. The committee is governed by strict rules regarding conflicts of interest and required preparation.

The Committee is composed of interested CWC members who review and study each grant application and vote on those requests presented to the Committee. They present a final recommendation to the CWC officers for approval in February for the annual grant presentations and as requested for other requests. Committee members must be impartial and fairly consider each request. They may not lobby for a particular grant applicant with whom they are affiliated. Members who serve on a Board of Directors for an applying agency, or who serve on a Board of Directors of a support auxiliary of an applying agency, or who are paid employees of an applying agency may not vote on matters regarding said agency. They may be asked to leave the Committee room during discussions of that agency.